The meeting came to order around 6:30 P.M. at Denny's Restaurant in Gainesville, Ga. There were 11 companies represented. This was the first Re-Start of this chapter in about 2 years.
The topics were:
1. Stucco Inspections. We showed a video from NACHI.TV with Ron Huffman-  this discussion apparently well appreciated since most inspectors struggle with stucco inspections. Many committed to taking the course from InterNACHI education. 
2. Pre-Listing Agreement and the importance of getting the agreement signed before the inspection. We talked in detail what should and should not be included in the  Inspection Agreement. This was very beneficial for many attending. We pointed the newer inspectors to the InterNACHI web site concerning Inspection Agreements.
We talked about utilizing each others expertise skills. Offer our strong points to those who may need help during an inspection by making ourselves available. 
Overall, the meeting went very well, everyone went away encouraged and hungry to meet again.