We had a great meeting with good interaction. The topic was Basics of Grounding and Bonding. We discussed residential Sub-Panels and sub-panels in detached buildings.  We saw clearly the difference between Grounding and Bonding. KEY PHRASE: Grounding is for the System, Bonding is for the Equipment. We dealt with the use of correct terminology, such as:

System Grounding Elements


•GROUNDING ELECTRODE -SEVERAL -(2 for Single dwelling)

•GROUNDING ELECTRODE CONDUCTOR -(copper wire to ground rod)

•SERVICE BONDING JUMPER –(Normally a green screw or copper strap)

•EQUIPMENT GROUNDING CONDUCTOR -(Equipment grounds from each circuit)

We understand for the younger inspectors that getting a grip on all this type of electrical inspection stuff will make your head spin. That is why we handed out a detailed 21 page document with illustration and many photo's. We ended up talking about boat dock distribution panels. 

This was very informative and many seemed to encourage the inspectors to press into the being the best in their field. We all are looking forward to the next meeting.