North Georgia Chapter of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

It was truly a picture perfect day in the North Georgia Mountains ! Perhaps it was a bit cold, but the sun promised to warm the day and make our 1st Annual Picnic an event to remember.
Held at Vogel State Park , the drive was an adventure in itself. Some of the families arrived with slightly green passengers, motion sickness
from the curvy road proved to be stronger than some stomachs. But our brave and hardy crew was undaunted by such a minor set-back. Chef Johnny, A.K.A. John Mitchell, and his assistants Ray Whigham and J.B. Mitchell went to work preparing grilled chicken breasts and deep fried chicken fingers. Ray, a self proclaimed grilling expert, manned the large grill while John and J.B. fired up the fryer. Chef Johnny has secret recipes for his marinade and batter.....we think he needs to give them up!  Each family brought one or more side dishes and deserts. We have group that has hidden talents in the kitchen. The fare was fit for kings and queens.

Chef Johnny & Assistant Ray

As the non-chefs relaxed and chatted in the sun, we all got to know a bit more about each other. New friendships were made and old friends got the time to catch up on the latest news. After lunch was served and everyone was full beyond belief, there was a horse shoe game for all comers. The skills of some of the players were extraordinary! Almost everyone had their chance to knock the shoes of rival players off the stake or to score that perfect ringer. Some of us non-athletes choose to continue to gab and listen to the braggadocio from the players.
The players; John Mitchell, Lynn Hutchison, Bill Martin, Ray Whigham and Janet Martin
As the sun started to get low behind the mountains, we were all sad to call it a day. We packed up, cleaned up and headed out. Alternate routes were chosen by some to avoid the meanest of the curves. Everyone agreed, this may have been the 1st Annual picnic, but it was not the last!