North Georgia Chapter of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

2007 was definitely a year of firsts for the North Georgia Chapter. 1st Anniversary, 1st Annual Picnic and now, here it was, the 1st Annual Christmas Celebration. 
 Our Chapter believes that fellowship is an important part of any organization and through the year, our activities have strengthened us as inspectors with some the best educational meetings and made us family with our outside activities.
 Christmas was InterNachi family time. We gathered, as most families do, to enjoy good food, great conversation and the warmth that only this time of year can provide. It was a small group, so many commitments with children, church and business kept some away. But those of us who made it had a wonderful time.
One of our inspectors, Ray Whigham, donated door prizes so the spirit of Santa was there. Other members, Bill & Janet Martin, provided a boom box and music, so the spirit of the season was there. Everyone relaxed, chatted and ate. Stories were shared and we all learned a bit more about one another. The evening ended with prayer and wishes of a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year. And in the New Year, a promise to get together for another Celebration!
Members gather to chat......
and chat
and chat!
We relaxed.....
Listened intently.....
                           And Even smiled for the camera!